About us


We define ourselves as an independent production studio that bet on emotional creativity, quality from the point of view of form and content but also for a service to our customers based on efficiency and thoroughness. And it’s all thanks to the work of a team that combines dynamism, youth and experience

Ferran Cera | Chief executive | fcera@visiona.tv |

Fina Torrente | Manager | ftorrente@visiona.tv |

Esther Sánchez | TV format director | esanchez@visiona.tv |

Carles Bonmatí | Production manager | cbonmati@visiona.tv |

Òscar Morales | Filmmaker, editor | omorales@visiona.tv |

Oriol Ruíz | Senior writer | oruiz@visiona.tv |

Isaac Domènech | Senior writer | idomenech@visiona.tv

Robert Fuentes | Senior writer | rfuentes@visiona.tv |